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Viral video production skyrockets

15 Nov 2013
Hollywood viral video - Commercial Photography London
This viral video production shows what can be achieved with a simple idea, some really good actors, minimal special effects and an unsuspecting public.

Promotion for the new Hollywood movie Carrie was dramatically enhanced, literally, when a NY coffee shop was visited by a girl with telekinetic powers.

Hidden cameras caught the moment when customers in this New York Cafe were exposed to the ‘paranormal’.

This online video has gone viral bigtime, with over 48 million hits and counting.

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Hotel Videos

15 Aug 2013


Benedicts Hotel asked us to produce an online video that reflected the relaxed atmosphere of the hotel and the range of amenities in their locale.

hotel videos london feature photograph 11

the night is young

The young and the casual enjoying the night.

hotel videos london feature photograph 0140

golden hour

That ideal time at sunset when the light is perfect.

hotel videos london feature photograph 00241

about town

Raising awareness of the hotel as an ideal tourist location.