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video production london 5 – video still 5

02 Jan 2014
video production in london 5 – video still 5

Video Production London portfolio video 5 - video still 5.

Video Production London portfolio video 5 – video still 5. Video production services in London.

video production london 5 – video still 6

02 Jan 2014
video production in london 5 – video still 6

Video Production London portfolio video 5 - video still 6.

Video Production London portfolio video 5 – video still 6. Video production services in London.

Video Production London – 2

02 Jan 2014
Video Production Company London portfolio video 2 – Experienced delivering video production services for London based broadcast, corporate, advertising and PR agency and NGO clients throughout the UK and worldwide. Our lead photographer Stephen Bradley was director of photography on this project, which documented Magnum photographer Donovan Wylie photographing the British army dismantling their watch towers in South Armagh, as a means of normalizing life in Northern Ireland (and as part of the Peace Process in Northern Ireland). For BBC Worldwide and Wall to Wall Productions.

With his background in photojournalism in Northern Ireland, our lead creative, Stephen Bradley, was the ideal candidate to be Director of Photography (cameraman / videographer) for this video production project. One a series of six videos produced on the work of the worlds best photographers for London based BBC Worldwide, each was aired over six consecutive weeks.

Video Production London – 1

02 Jan 2014
Video Production in London – 1

Video Production London 1 – video production in London from Commercial Photography London on YouTube.

This cinema commercial was produced to attract a young cinema going audience to spend the weekend at one of Belfast’s premier hotels, Benedicts.

We scripted this project to show a group of young friends, as they visit Belfast and enjoy the city’s varied tourist and shopping attractions before finishing their day by enjoying musical entertainment in the hotel’s bar, after dragging two of their friends from a loving twosome in the hotel restaurant, after which they surprise one of their group in one of the hotel bedrooms.

Filmed over two long days, and edited within five, this cost effective video production has resulted in a dramatic increase in new business from the commercials target demographic. By a company that provides video production London clients use again and again.

Services Provided:


After initial script development, we scouted locations that were popular with tourists visiting the city (when we shot photographs of each location and reviewed all areas to be filmed, ensuring they would be presentable). A photo driven shooting script was then further developed. Casting was then completed within one working week, when all location clearances were finalised.


Photography of the young cast ‘visiting’ various tourist destinations was followed with two days of filming on the client’s premises, where available light was given preference to ensure a natural look in the final cut.

Post Production

Editing of photographs, footage and background stock audio was done in London, with rough cuts being posted online for the clients feedback from their HQ in Derry, Northern Ireland. The edit was tested in a cinema to allow final grading prior to the final cut being uploaded to the clients server and also delivered on a portable hard drive – all within 5 working days.

Photographer Nick Knight Photoshoot Video

05 Dec 2013
It’s not often that we see a photographer of the stature of fashion photographer and director Nick Knight at work.

This video shows all involved in a fashion photoshoot by the maestro. While not a fast cut, at over 8 minutes, and video follows the process from the crew discussing clothing, lighting and end use, right through to the fashion photoshoots themselves.

The video of Nick at work is very enlightening, in showing his interaction with the models, crew and client.

Nick Knight teaming up with Garage magazine to create a world first, in the form of the first permanent fashion editorial, using actual bodies as the canvas. The two day live broadcast was streamed from 30 November 2013 to and including 1 December 2013 – drawing inspiration from the rebellious roots of body art, and its association with subcultures and tribes. The project also challenged fashion’s fleeting nature resulting in editorial built around an indeliable form of personal expression.

We see Nick Knight as he photographs six models – Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Liya Kebede, Marina Nery and Karlie Kloss, styled by fashion director Charlotte Stockdale. Seven tattooists – Scott Campbell, Maxime Buchi, Freddy Negrete, Len Levin, Madame Chän, Angelique and Doctor Woo – will then dream up their own interpretion of Nick Knight’s images, creating real tattoos on six body art fans.

With thanks to showstudio.com