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fashion photographer london – 2

12 Dec 2013
Fashion photographer in London UK portfolio photograph 2

Another from the series of fashion photographs shot in the UK for our jewellery (jewelry) client in San Diego, in the U.S. The model wore high end fashion clothing to compliment and enhance our clients bespoke jewellery (jewelry).

Fashion Photographer London UK portfolio photograph 2

Fashion Photographer London UK portfolio photograph 2 – fashion photography in London

Fashion Photographer London 1

12 Dec 2013
Fashion photographer London 1 portfolio photo.

One of a series of fashion photographs for a San Diego client who required photography of their bespoke jewellery (‘jewelry’ if you’re in the U.S.). The project was cast and shot within five days, with the shoot taking place at 9pm GMT to allow our client to watch the shoot live via skype from their headquarters in San Diego, California.

Fashion Photographer London UK portfolio photograph 1

Fashion Photographer London UK portfolio photograph 1 – fashion photography in London

Photographer Nick Knight Photoshoot Video

05 Dec 2013
It’s not often that we see a photographer of the stature of fashion photographer and director Nick Knight at work.

This video shows all involved in a fashion photoshoot by the maestro. While not a fast cut, at over 8 minutes, and video follows the process from the crew discussing clothing, lighting and end use, right through to the fashion photoshoots themselves.

The video of Nick at work is very enlightening, in showing his interaction with the models, crew and client.

Nick Knight teaming up with Garage magazine to create a world first, in the form of the first permanent fashion editorial, using actual bodies as the canvas. The two day live broadcast was streamed from 30 November 2013 to and including 1 December 2013 – drawing inspiration from the rebellious roots of body art, and its association with subcultures and tribes. The project also challenged fashion’s fleeting nature resulting in editorial built around an indeliable form of personal expression.

We see Nick Knight as he photographs six models – Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Liya Kebede, Marina Nery and Karlie Kloss, styled by fashion director Charlotte Stockdale. Seven tattooists – Scott Campbell, Maxime Buchi, Freddy Negrete, Len Levin, Madame Chän, Angelique and Doctor Woo – will then dream up their own interpretion of Nick Knight’s images, creating real tattoos on six body art fans.

With thanks to showstudio.com









Jewellery photography art directed on Skype

14 Sep 2013
 female model wearing gold and silver jewellery by commercial photography london

Skype allowed our client, Rosaline Jewelry in San Diego USA, to watch a live jewellery photoshoot for their ecommerce jewellery web site as it took place in the UK.

We cast our model and did the photography in Belfast (where costs are much lower than London) and the advertising photography was done between 9pm and 1am the next day – to accommodate 8 hour time difference between San Diego and the UK.

Two costume choices were used to break up the look of the photographs and draw attention to the varying product ranges (made in our clients factory in China).

While it was a long day, our crew enjoyed the project and the vibe on the night of the shoot was much more laid back and party like as a result.

Thanks again to our client Roz Liang at Rosaline Jewelry.