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Editorial Photographer London 11

17 Sep 2013
Editorial Photographer London 11 – Editorial photography of author James Redfield in his home in Alabama for an editorial feature in Newsweek magazine.

When we arrived we were quickly informed that we had 15 minutes to do our photography. As we had planned complex photographic lighting techniques, we worried that we would not have enough time to do the back projection technique we had planned.
We need not have worried, as four hours later we were still shooting with New York Times best selling author James Redfield enjoying the whole process.

If you need an editorial photographer London magazine and newspaper clients repeatedly turn to, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.
editorial photographer london - photography of Celestine Prophecy author James Redfield

Editorial Photographer London 8

17 Sep 2013
Editorial Photographer London 8 – Editorial photograph of music executive LA Reid in his Atlanta home for an editorial feature on the music business in B2B Magazine.

editorial photography of l a reid - editorial photography london

Editorial Photographer London 5

17 Sep 2013
Editorial Photographer London 5 – Photography of hip hop music producer and artist Dallas Austin, pictured in his DARP recording studios in Atlanta, USA.

editorial photographer london photograph of dallas austin

Editorial Photographer London 4

17 Sep 2013
Editorial Photographer London 4 – Editorial photograph of artist for use in editorial feature on the arts in Atlanta. Shot on 5×4 format, all effects were done in camera.

editorial photographer london photo of artist.

Editorial Photographer London 3

17 Sep 2013
Editorial Photographer London 3 – Editorial photograph of the artist Okeke with digital imagery of his work placed on his face, for this editorial feature on art for B2B Magazine Atlanta. Digital retouching was used to add the artists art on his face, using Photoshop.

editorial photographer london portfolio photograph 3