Product Photographer London

Product photographer in London working for advertising and corporate clients in the UK for web, print , television and cinema.

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The product photography above was taken on location in Glenariff, Northern Ireland, for Copper Strawberry of Belgian Waterl’eau bath cosmetics .

A versatile product photographer London clients return to, and with a background in lifestyle photography, we produce photographs that show the connection between nature and the products being photographed. Specializing in location photography, blending product within a natural environment, we also shoot in our London based studio.

Providing location and studio based advertising photography services, we enjoy creating mouth watering product photographs that make your customers want more.


Experienced photographing everything from upscale bath cosmetics, to golf products and food, our team of experienced photographers, stylists and set builders will ensure your product photography stands out from the crowd through the creation of uniquely styled and photographed product photos that effectively compete both nationally and internationally.


The saying a picture tells a thousand words only begins to explain how the best food photography connects with the target audience much more effectively that words ever can. We photograph food in our studio, at the clients premises or on location (evoking a feeling of place and time) and deliver photographs of product that both whet the appetite and stay in the viewers minds-eye long after initially seeing them.


Whether you require your products to be photographed beside a running brooke, or in the wilds of an Irish bog, we will work with your to deliver unique and stylized photographs that engage on multiple levels and that are anything but generic (we get easily bored).

Experienced product photographer London SME and multinational agency and corporate clients in the UK and U.S. return to again and again. Whether delivering for a large or small project, we build a team of those specialist in the product being photographed, ensuring delivery of imagery that shows the product in it’s best light.

Using Skype, we can deliver a live video feed of any photo-shoot, right to the clients desktop or mobile device.

A product photographer London clients return to, and with over twenty years experience working for both SME and multinational agency and corporate clients, Commercial Photography London delivers product photographs that will connect on multiple levels, stand out from that of your peers, and compliment and enhance your ongoing marketing efforts.

Contact us now, and let’s create emotion grabbing photographs or video that delivers.